CropLife India is an association of R&D based crop science industry with a membership of 14 companies engaged in the manufacture, import and distribution of crop protection products. Member companies focus on bringing new technologies aimed at improving agricultural productivity in a sustainable manner, thereby minimizing pre-harvest and post-harvest crop losses due to pest attacks and diseases. These new technologies have not only helped reduce dosage rates of crop protection solutions but have also helped move towards greener and safer chemistries.

In addition, the member companies of CropLife India enable farmers adopt new technologies in agriculture while providing in depth training on good farming practices, responsible use of crop protection products and container management, while engaging with the dealers and traders on responsible use of crop protection products for growing safe food and promoting sustainable agriculture in the country.

CropLife India is not a profit oriented organization, wholly funded by membership. It works closely with CropLife Asia & Crop Life International, the global parent organizations spread across 91 countries, to drive programs to promote safe, responsible and judicious use of crop protection solutions under the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach through Product Stewardship, Progressive Regulation, Intellectual Property Rights and Data protection.

In its continuous endeavor to provide sustainable crop protection solutions to Indian agriculture, CropLife India engages with diverse stakeholders in the areas of Progressive Regulations, Product Stewardship, Anti-counterfeiting, Policy Advocacy , Communications & Outreach.

India today has developed a robust crop protection regulatory system to register crop protection products, while harmonizing with global regulations such to further strengthen domestic manufacturing at par with international standards and facilitate the“Make in India” concept. The opportunity lies in developing and executing innovative farming solutions that addresses the needs of the Indian farmer to grow safe food while addressing the country’s food security concerns.

CropLife India and its members have introduced new molecules, while moving towards greener and safer chemistries, and are committed to play a significant role in advancing Indian agriculture by closely engaging with farmers to help them adopt new technologies, regulatory authorities, policy makers, scientific communities, grower organizations, NGOs and other stakeholders.

CropLife India Members are mandated to adhere to all code of conduct guidelines covering the crop protection industry, as stipulated by FAO/WHO and any other statutory requirements as specified by the regulatory authorities, in their country of operation. This would include all compliances on interaction, training, responsible use, usage of PPE, monitoring and guidance covering crop protection products.